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Coaching Cue Cards are designed to help jumpstart conversations that you may need to have with your employees. Modify as needed based on your situation.

Hi _____________ , thanks for seeing me. There’s something quick I need to talk with you about. Lately I’ve noticed that you’ve been a bit unprepared for (meetings/work) and I just wanted to ask if everything was alright at home or even here? I know things can definitely get stressful so I wanted to make sure you were alright.

Note: Give employee time to speak out about their stressors, if any. If the employee voices concerns about their home life, discuss these issues and see what can be done to help balance home stressors with work. If their concerns are about happenings in the office, explain the situations or turn attention to the issues. If the employee has no excuses:

I would like (work/these meetings) to be taken seriously and I would like to work with you to come up with a solution. How can we make sure you are better prepared in the future?

Note: Communication with the employee is key. If the employee expresses an issue at this point, see what you as the employer can do to help them balance their concerns with the needs of the company. If the employee remains silent, focus on areas of performance that need improvement, and how the employee may progress.

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