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Coaching Cue Cards are designed to help jumpstart conversations that you may need to have with your employees. Modify as needed based on your situation.

Just the person I was looking to see! How’re you doing today? Look, I just wanted to talk to you about some distractions I’ve been noticing that are affecting your work. It’s nothing serious so don’t worry, I just want to ensure there aren’t any chances for errors in your work.

I can definitely understand wanting the work day to go along faster; however, if there are any errors in your work, or your productivity falls because of these distractions, then it becomes a much greater issue. I don’t want that for you as I’m sure you don’t want that for yourself.

So while you’re here, just focus on getting your work done first. I want you to succeed here and aspire to greater things. I hope you understand I’m just looking out for you. Anyway, thanks for talking with me and have a great rest of the day!

Note: While distractions can harm performance, they can also increase it. If you have a dull workplace, try adding some soft background music or allowing 5 minute personal breaks each hour (smokers usually have this benefit already).


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