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Coaching Cue Cards are designed to help jumpstart conversations that you may need to have with your employees. Modify as needed based on your situation.

Note: This may be the way this specific employee functions. This habit may have developed over several years and they may be resistant to changing this specific behavior. While some managers find success by creating artificial deadlines before the real deadline, this does not solve the problem of rushed or shoddy work as a result of intentional procrastination.

Hi _____________ , I’ve noticed that you seem to be quite stressed out around deadline time. Is there anything that I can help you? I think you can handle this workload and you don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself.

I know from personal experience that it feels easier to excuse poor performance if it is a rush job. I understand the temptation, but this is unacceptable, and the reason for deadlines is so that there is plenty of time to have the job done right. You will reduce both my stress and your stress if you stop doing this to yourself, and I believe the quality of your work will improve as well.


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