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Coaching Cue Cards are designed to help jumpstart conversations that you may need to have with your employees. Modify as needed based on your situation.

Note: It’s possible that your employee may have medical reasons behind their temper / anger issues. Be direct and supportive, but do not be confrontational or accusatory.

How your day been going, _____________? I’ve noticed that you’ve been on edge lately and I’m reaching out to you now to see if there is anything I can do to cut down on your stress here at work.

Note: Listen to response and address it directly.

Ok, I think I understand. I can see how that would be bothersome. Well, here’s what I can do to help - I will (talk about how you can help address the issue).

In the future, if you’re in a similar situation - any other situation that upsets you - will you either remove yourself from the situation, or immediately come to me before you feel yourself start to get too angry? I don’t want you to get upset here at work, I want it to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Then we can talk about the problem and figure out strategies to cut down on these situations in the future. Sound fair?


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