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Coaching Cue Cards are designed to help jumpstart conversations that you may need to have with your employees. Modify as needed based on your situation.

Thanks for letting me chat with you for a few minutes, I appreciate your time. I wanted to talk with you about your interactions with the team, and how we should address issues and conflict in the future..

You see, I want our team to be strong, happy, and healthy, so naturally I want everyone on the team to consciously focus on being positive, supportive, and encouraging to each other. Now, I understand that sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes a specific person is at fault. When this happens in the future, please remain professional and refrain from putting specific blame on anyone, especially in a public setting. Blaming others (whether accurate or not) can be perceived negatively and can damage your own reputation.

If you’re concerned about a situation like this in the future, please bring it to my attention and we’ll discuss it together before drawing attention to anyone or anything. Sound fair?

Note: Don’t allow the conversation to switch to any specific instance, causing the employee to explain or defend a particular case. Stay high-level and focus on how future situations should be handled.


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